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Best UI UX Course In Ahmedabad

UI UX Course in Ahmedabad

As one of the leading UI UX Training Institutes in Ahmedabad, we provide UI/UX Design Course in person. Students will be given course materials designed by real-world UI/UX experts. We will also provide you with all of the necessary guidelines! We will teach you everything you need to know about tools, principles, and process work! We intend to provide frequent group comments to help you improve your skills. Constant feedback allows you to grasp what works in experience and interface design on a step-by-step basis. This type of extensive investigation and feedback is a significant benefit and privilege for learning properly.

The UI UX Design Course in Ahmedabad at Expert Web Designing is intended to prepare students for employment. We prepare our students through real-world projects and training by the most recent industry standards, curriculum, and technology. As a result, our students are the most sought-after prospects in the industry.

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Course Duration

6 Months

Course Days

Monday To Friday


UI, UX, Figma, XD

Course Fees

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Course Fees


3 Hours (Flexible)

Daily Practice

2 Hours WFH

Training Mode

Only Offline

Free Demo

2 Days

Course Content

  • 01

    Fundamentals of Designing

  • 02

    Introduction to UI

  • 03

    Introduction to UX

  • 04

    Adobe Photoshop for Page Design

  • 05

    Adobe XD

  • 06


  • 07

    Live Project

Heading #2
What is Design
Designing Elements
LAWS of Designing
Color Scheme
Monochromatic color scheme
Analogous color scheme
Complementary color scheme
RGB: the additive color mixing model
CMYK: the Subtractive color mixing model
Why is typography important?
Fonts and typefaces
Best UI practices for using fonts
Spacing methods
Fundamentals summary
Heading #2
What is UI design?
Fundamentals of UI Design
Analyzing user interface design
User interface prototyping
User interface testing
How to deal with UI design challenges
Difference between UI/UX design
Designing elements
UX design requirements
UI design requirements
Live Project
Heading #2
What is UX design?
The four key elements of the UX design process
What does the UX process look like?
How to improve the UX design process
How to deal with UX design challenges
Introduction of UI/UX
Live Project
Heading #2
Use of Photoshop
Image Editing
Text Effects
marque tools
Clone Tools
the user interface of Photoshop
Concept of Layers
Create a Wallpaper
Black and White old Photos to Color
Grids and Guides
Create Web Graphics like the poster
Wallpaper with 4 different images with conceptual meaning
Creating social media icons
Magazine Cover page
Layer Masking
Matte Painting / Image Manipulation
Shape tool
Vanishing Point
GIF Animations
Mockup Creation of all Designs
Passport Size image creation
Image Slicing
Miniatures Creating
Image cuttings
Photo Manipulation
Retouching images
GIF Animations with both different methods
Repairing Images like old images
New Trending Magazine front page
Miniatures creation
Heading #2
Use of Adobe XD
Artboard user interface
Shapes tool
Text tool
Understanding grids and their uses
Adding an effect to shapes
UI Kits
Log in pages
Sign In page, product page
Prototype of all pages
Prototype creation
Web layout page using grids
Home page, about page, product page, contact us
How to share the layout
Flow Creations of UI based on their devices as well as responsive
Button clickables layouts
Link sharing of UI design with the flow and generating password
Cloud setup with a mobile preview of UI design
Generating UI Kits
Mob layout with all splash screen
Heading #2
Welcome to the Course
What Is Figma
Working With Projects, Files, and Pages in Figma
Using the Figma UI
Working With Frames, Shapes, and Text in Figma
Creating Vector Networks With the Pen Tool
Working With Grids in Figma
Using Figma Plugins
Let’s Design a Sign-Up Form in Figma
Create and mobile app and website design for the project
Let’s Create a Prototype
Sharing Work and Getting Feedback
How to Use Figma as a Developer
Export assets
Heading #2
Wireframe Designing
Web Layout Planning
Multi-page Web Designing
Dashboard Designing
Software UI Development
Application Interface Designing

What We Offer

Personal Training

Expert Web Designing offers an unmatched Personal Training program for the Best UI UX Designing Course in Ahmedabad. Our experienced faculty are committed to fostering individual growth and guiding students on a one-on-one basis. This approach guarantees personalized attention and ensures learners grasp concepts at their own pace. The curriculum incorporates a balance of theoretical and practical skills, with a distinct emphasis on live project training. These real-world projects allow students to put their learning into practice and develop a compelling portfolio that stands out in the job market. With our job assistance program and exclusive ui ux course material, we facilitate seamless learning for our students in the UI UX design realm.

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Group Training

Join our group training program at Expert Web Designing, one of the top UI UX Designing Courses in Ahmedabad. This interactive platform encourages collective learning and ideation, pushing the boundaries of creativity. Our seasoned faculty provides insightful lectures and leads stimulating discussions, fostering a dynamic environment for students to grow and learn together. The course’s cornerstone is our live project training, wherein students team up to tackle real-world design challenges. With our comprehensive course material and post-training job assistance, we ensure our students have the skills and resources to kickstart their careers in UI UX Design.

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Online Training

Expert Web Designing is proud to present the finest Online Training for UI UX Designing in Ahmedabad. We understand the need for flexibility in today’s fast-paced world and aim to provide high-quality training without geographical boundaries. Live interactive sessions with our seasoned faculty ensure that learners receive personal guidance, while our live project training enables students to gain hands-on experience with real-time projects. Our unique curriculum, complete with exclusive course material and job assistance, ensures that our students receive a robust understanding of UI UX design.

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Final Year Internship

Our Final Year Internship at Expert Web Designing sets the stage for aspiring UI UX designers to transition from students to professionals. Interns receive an opportunity to work on live projects under the mentorship of our experienced faculty, providing them with invaluable industry experience. This hands-on approach, coupled with our job assistance program, prepares students for the professional landscape, making us the best UI UX Designing Training Institute in Ahmedabad.

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Final Year Project

Expert Web Designing offers significant support for Final Year Projects as part of our top-rated UI UX Designing Course in Ahmedabad. We believe that these projects are a valuable opportunity for students to demonstrate their comprehensive understanding of UI UX Design principles. Our mentors guide students through the project, from ideation to execution, with an emphasis on solving real-world design problems. These projects, in conjunction with our live project training, help students showcase their skills to potential employers, bolstering their job prospects in the exciting field of UI UX Design.

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Demands of UI UX Designing in Gujarat

UI/UX designing in Gujarat is seeing exponential growth, mirroring the region’s booming digital landscape. Companies across industries, from tech startups to traditional businesses, are realizing the indispensable role of user-centric design in enhancing customer experience and loyalty. High-quality UI/UX design, encompassing intuitive interfaces, streamlined navigation, and visually engaging aesthetics, is now more than a luxury—it’s a necessity. Gujarat’s demand for talented UI/UX designers is on a sharp uptick, indicating a competitive market with abundant opportunities. Educational institutions and training programs are also evolving to cater to this need, fostering the next generation of innovative UI/UX designers in Gujarat.

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Training Includes

Conceptual Training

Dive into the complexities and nuances of the subject matter with comprehensive theoretical sessions, laying the foundational understanding that will guide your practical application.

Hands-on Experience

Enhance your learning through direct engagement with real-world scenarios, as you apply the theories in a controlled, risk-free environment.

Unique Learning Resources

Exclusive materials curated by industry experts are provided to supplement your learning, enriching your understanding of the subject matter.

Live Progress Tracking

With real-time monitoring, you can receive instant feedback on your work, allowing for on-the-spot corrections and accelerated improvement.

Engage with Active Projects

Experience the thrill and challenges of live projects, fostering a deeper understanding of the dynamics and operations in a real-life setting.

Certification Upon Course Completion

Celebrate your journey with us with a certificate of completion, a testament to the knowledge and skills you've gained during the course.

Career Guidance

Benefit from our job assistance service, guiding you through the steps towards landing your dream job in your chosen field.

Dedicated Support

Exclusive support is offered throughout your learning journey, ensuring you get personalized attention and guidance whenever you need it.


A. No, you don’t need any prior experience or knowledge in designing to enroll in UI/UX designing course. However, having some basic knowledge of designing principles and tools can be beneficial.
A. UI/UX course refers to learning programs that focus on the design and development of user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) for digital products such as websites, mobile applications, and software.
A. Yes, you can get a direct placement in top-level companies.
A. Yes, in Expert Web Designing the UI/UX design course is certified. Students will receive a certificate of completion after finishing the UI/UX Course, which will add value to their resume and help them in their job search.
A. After completing the UI/UX design course, students can find job opportunities as UI/UX designers, product designers, mobile app designers, and UX researchers. The demand for UI/UX designers is constantly increasing, and there are a lot of job opportunities available in this field.
A. Not a lot. But coding skills surely help! However, this UI/UX Course is open to all candidates with any skill, educational qualification, or background.
A. Offline UI/UX course is always preferred by Expert Web Designing.
A. Yes, you can! We have multiple batches of UI and UX courses designed to help busy professionals with full-time work commitments. 


I have always dreamed of working in a UI/UX Designer role and wanted a comprehensive program that would make me self-sufficient in the latest UI/UX tools and technologies. Expert Web Designing's well-thought-out curriculum piqued my interest and I enrolled. Since course completion, I’m currently at my dream job.
Yash Thakkar
If anyone wants to learn UI/UX in a creative and friendly environment then you need to check out Expert Web Designing. They gave us practical and industrial knowledge and gave us a chance to work on live projects which helped us in our careers. Thank you so much Expert Web Designing for UI/UX designing training.
Trisha Vora
Learn UI/UX designing training today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in designing user-centered digital experiences with Expert Web Designing. In UI/UX training I gained knowledge from Expert Web Designing and also gained experience in how to describe and apply current best practices and conventions, and How to use the tools included. Thank you So much…
Vijay Shah
I have always been interested in Colors, Designing, presenting Creative ideas, and more. that’s why I decided to take training from Expert Web Designing. This name was suggested by my friend who already taking training from here. Now the training is completed and I have a lot of knowledge about UI/UX designing.
Nidhi Patel
I had an incredibly valuable experience while completing UI/UX designing training from Expert Web Designing. The UI/UX course was intensive and packed with lots of practical insights from industry experts and real-world examples. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of graphic design and to further their career in the field.
Neel Gajjar
My experience with Expert Web Designing was very swift and fun, from enrolling for the UI/UX training to the final submission projects. This training helped me understand every bit of UI/UX design. Right now I am working as a freelancer and I can work very efficiently with projects that involve UI/UX.
Bhumi Sheth

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